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Ukhuselo Security was established in the Western Cape in 2003 and on the 1st of October 2014 Mrs Myra Le Roux purchased the Company with the vision to provide consumers with a service that is customer focused and solutions driven. Mrs Le Roux have an existing training company “HJN” that are the only private company who can train Law Enforcement, Police and Metro Police up to Diploma level.

Ukhuselo Security vision is to grow and become a national security service provider known for premium service delivery standards, quality products and custom designed solutions that are holistic, fully integrated and adds value for each unique client’s operations.

Ukhuselo Security including Security Solutions, Remote Monitoring, Armed Response, Technical Solutions, Time Management and Cleaning Services. All our subsidiaries can function in unison to ensure a safer environment for our clients in a range of different industry sectors.

Ukhuselo Security are a Level 2 BBBEE Contribution Level.

Ukhuselo Security have also the oldest PSIRA & SASSETA accredited training centre and instructors at their Head Office in Epping and Wellington, Cape Town. Our training department teaches all Security Grades and Armed Response and Cash in Transit course and much more.

We believe in partnerships and tailor-made solutions and thus we advocate such an approach for all our clients. We consider Ukhuselo Security to be best positioned to offer the service solution required and hereby offer the following facts, in summary, for your benefit:


We base our business on 5 value-driven pillars:

  1. Our employees are our competitive edge – thus we invest in them through extensive and on-going training, paying them more, looking after their physical needs in order to deliver quality service and prescribing to the development of leadership within the company.
  1. Direct shareholder involvement – a flat structure allows us to draw from invaluable experience and interaction with the team on a daily basis.
  2. Tailor-made risk reduction solutions – our personalized style to the provision of risk reduction solutions, rather than the traditional manned guarding security services, pools together our policies, expertise and experience thereby offering you:
  • zero tolerance to risk and loss
  • a fully integrated security solution, incorporating manned guarding, physical measures, procedures and advanced technologies
  • the design of a holistic service and the continual improvement of the standard operating procedures to keep in line with SABS ISO 9001:2008 standards
  • direct value added to your operations through our high standards of service provision.
  1. Quality management systems guide our operational procedures – our entire process is geared towards delivering services of the highest quality. From recruitment and training to incident management and customer service, our organisational structure is built to affect this value.
  2. Exceed industry standards of accreditations and compliance – We are able to match our products and services to the class of five star establishments who pride themselves in giving their clients an exceptional experience. Ukhuselo becomes an extension of our clients’ brands because we share in premier value systems and provide unsurpassed service levels that impact our clients’ clients. Ukhuselo Security creates not only a safer environment for you, but positive customer experiences that directly reflect on your brand.
    This mind set has become so entrenched in our business that it has become the way we do things. Values such as Honesty and Integrity further guide our Policies and Procedures.


Ukhuselo approach to quality service through dedicated contract management, effectively ensures that well trained and experienced managers take charge of operational requirements at clients’ sites.

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Ukhuselo Training Academy and Security are the oldest training facility in Cape Town and are PSIRA and SASSETA accredited that offer the Following.

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We believe that we have the experience to be able to seamlessly integrate our service proposal and provide value added security solutions for the following reasons:


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Ukhuselo Training Academy and Security are here to meet your needs



  • Holistic Security Solutions – through our associate company, ADT Remote Monitoring, we are able to monitor and manage a complete control room live. And Ukhuselo Technical is able to install and maintain all technological systems that take the security solution to a new intelligent dimension.
  • 24 Hour Manned Control Room with enabled live tracking on the following: vehicles, patrol officers.
  • Uniform Support – Because we keep consignment stock of all uniforms, we are able to ensure that all our officers are in full uniform all the time.
  • Support Services – at our Epping and Wellington Office we have departments dedicated to serving contracts on all levels from uniform and stationery to payroll and human resources. Behind the scenes we work to ensure your business runs smoothly at all times.

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The value of accurate employment is immeasurable and this has become an integral part of our operational plan. We do not only recruit the best possible candidates; we retain all candidates through our phased induction programme. These programmes have specifically been designed for the market segments we specialise in.
The following are our minimum recruitment criteria:

  • Matriculation
  • South African Citizen –Certified copy of South African ID.
  • PSIRA Registered Grade C
  • Proof of Banking Details
  • Contactable references
  • Clear criminal record – we perform a finger print criminal clearance on every new employee.


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All candidates are interviewed not only by our training and human resource personnel, but also by the operational manager who will ultimately be responsible for the contract.
To ensure that we source and invest in the correct individuals, the candidates are subjected to the following selection evaluations:

  • Psychometric evaluation
  • Knowledge evaluation
  • Job specification evaluation

Candidates are then selected to be inducted into the company. This however does not secure employment yet, as the induction process has been specifically designed to ensure the following:

  • Retraining on PSIRA registered modules
  • Company induction – systems and procedures
  • Site Job Description
  • Communication and Life Skills applicable to the client or the industry

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The induction is designed to be outcomes based and therefore evaluations are a basic progression prerequisite. This also ensures that the best possible candidates progress and qualify at the end of the induction process. Only once the candidates have passed all evaluations will they be employed by Thorburn and placed at a client’s site.