Ukhuselo approach to quality service through dedicated contract management, effectively ensures that well trained and experienced managers take charge of operational requirements at clients’ sites.

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Managerial and supervisory staff are selected and trained in accordance with the client requirements and are inducted into their responsibilities prior to being deployed.

Quality Assurance

Ukhuselo Security practically applies the quality management system that was designed based on the principles of the ISO 9001:2008 SABS system. This quality management system defines a clear set of objectives for the operating environment as well as guidelines of how the standard application of procedures must be dealt with throughout the company. This quality assurance system has become so entrenched in our business that it has become the way we do things.

Therefore, our business and service standards have developed
beyond system compliance to a way of life.

Interaction with Clients

  • Executive Liaison:
    The CFO or Operations Manager of Ukhuselo Security will meet with the clients to discuss operational issues and other matters on a monthly basis.
  • Security Management Liaison:
    The site security manager or area manager will liaise with the client on a daily basis. It is expected of our managers to meet formally with each client at least once per week and to have a formalized recorded monthly meeting. During this meeting service standards and proactive plans are discussed.
  • Contract Performance Management:
    The Service Levels, once agreed upon between the client and Ukhuselo Security, will be measured at regular intervals. This may be done at the monthly meeting or it can be done quarterly, as determined by the site requirements and the client.
    The key performance areas (KPA) will therefore be measured regularly to determine whether the company is performing to expected levels. The aspects where performance is up to standard may be improved upon and the aspects where performance may have to improve will be attended to through the implementation and execution of new plans. These plans will be built into the KPA and evaluated at the next meeting.
  • Continual Improvement:
    Ukhuselo Security is focused on the effective monitoring, measurement and improvement of our service. To continually monitor and measure our service, we have implemented monthly reports to the client, minuted meetings, quarterly site surveys and internal audits.
  • Contingency Planning
    Ukhuselo Training Acadamy and Security has the ability to provide significant numbers of manpower at fairly short notice. In the event of ad hoc requirements being confirmed, local management either rosters existing staff or appoints additional staff for the purpose of providing the required shift coverage.
  • Industrial Action Plan
    Industrial Action at a client’s premises
    Ukhuselo Training Acadamy and Security will support our clients by:
  • Determining and managing identified risks in collaboration with our client
  • Providing additional manpower and if necessary increased supervision to identified key areas within the client’s organisation and contract premises
  • Assist on the strike committee with the client and providing recommendations
  • Ensuring that the company’s internal quality management process in terms of management responsibility, customer focus and continual improvement prevails
  • Industrial Action within our workforce
    Ukhuselo Training Acadamy and Security has developed a strike action plan that can be implemented with immediate effect and individually tailored to suit the different areas and specific needs of our clients.
    It must be noted that Ukhuselo Training Academy and Security is not unionized. This is something that we are particularly proud of and is testament to the management culture of looking after our staff.

Occupational Health and Safety

Ukhuselo Training Academy and Security employs a full time Occupational Health and Safety Manager who specialises in providing direct advisory support to our management staff in the field and upon request to our clients. We recognise the importance of safety in the workplace and therefore actively apply best practices in terms of the legislated stipulations.

Approach to Safety:

  • A Policy is formulated
  • All Management is trained in general aspects of the Act
  • Interaction takes place with client Safety initiatives and programs
  • Health and Safety committee meetings are attended
  • Safety related initiatives are undertaken
  • Monthly safety topics are formulated
  • Wearing of PPE enforced
  • Risk assessments are done
  • Recommendations are formulated

Key success factors in the Ukhuselo Security approach are:

  • The approach to Safety is Behaviour Based
  • Base Line Risk Assessments has become a way of managing safety
  • Issue Based Risk Assessments precede new tasks and Continuous Risk Assessments has become a way of managing.
  • We measure compliance and prevent non-conformance through the mini HIRA, 4 Steps to Safety and Planned Task or Critical task Observations followed by self, internal and external audits
  • We research, train and practice Safety.