All Ukhuselo Training Academy security courses are registered skills courses with PSIRA. Training is conducted at our office in Cape Town and we can assist in all training requirements nationally through our training accreditations. We have an excellent performance record and have a strong working relationship with our partners in PSIRA and SASSETA. We offer training services to the general public, with special reference to those from indigenous communities. It is within our purpose to offer special assistance to those individuals from poor households to successfully complete training courses in order to get a job and earn a better living. We also offer solutions to owners of security companies and large organisations who endeavour to qualify them and their employees within the Security Industry.
Our training academy consists of 6 highly trained and qualified instructors. Each instructor pays individual attention to each student to ensure good academic performances.
We do weekly classes from Mondays until Fridays. Examinations take place on Fridays. Registrations commence on Mondays from 08:00 am to 09:00 am. We also offer distance learning for all courses.
The benefits of doing the training courses are as follows:

  • It will secure you employment in the safety security environment.
  • You will empower yourself with education and qualifications.
  • You will be able to climb the ladder to Management and better financial stability faster.
  • Qualification means more money in your pocket.
  • It will give you the advantage over other candidates when applying for a job.

Ukhuselo Training Academy and Security are the oldest training facility in Cape Town and are PSIRA and SASSETA accredited that offer the following.

  • Grade A – Manager & Assistant Managers
  • Grade B – Supervisor / Control room operators
  • Grade C – Section Leader
  • Grade D & E – Basic Security Training
  • Reaction Officer Course
  • Bullion and Cash in Transit Course
  • Instructor Course: Methods of instruction for accredited PSIRA Instructors.

Ukhuselo Training Academy and Security has identified training as one of the critical differentiating factors for the business. Our product is our people and therefore it is vital that we invest as much as we can into the development of our product. In terms of improving quality standards it is one thing to have state of the art systems but we want to improve the overall quality of our service delivery and this should not only be approached from the top down but also from the bottom up. The knowledge gap between the average skill set of a normal security officer and the advances in technology is incredible. Ten years ago in the security industry a security officer was almost never exposed to the operation of technology systems. These days it is common practice for security officers to be expected to operate complex CCTV systems, computerised access control systems, electronic patrol systems to name but a few..

Black african bodyguard or secret agent on a dark background with dramatic lighting gesture towards camera wearing a suit


We have implemented a phased approach to the induction that takes place over five to ten days (up to two weeks of intensive training). The phases have been designed to start with the basics and to work up to more advanced skill sets required for specific applications..


The basic induction training takes place over five days and generally consist of the following:

  • Company Overview, Structures and Procedures
  • Company History
  • Company Organogram
  • Payroll
  • Disciplinary Standards
  • Uniform Standards
  • PSIRA Grade C
  • Searching procedures
  • Access Control
  • Radio & telephone Communication
  • Public Relations
  • Basic English
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Legal Aspects – By-laws
  • Logistics – Equipment
  • Systems – Patrol Systems


Should it be a requirement for the contract the following modules are added to the induction-training course:

  • First Aid
  • Fire Fighting
  • Occupational Health and Safety

This phase is scheduled over three days and the qualifications achieved are accredited with SASSETA and certificates are produced.

Our aim is to improve the lowest average knowledge base of our workforce. When we do this we improve the overall performance through the enablement of our staff. The direct result of this is better performance on site, improved productivity, reduction in frustration from our clients and management and a successful company culture.

This process of training commences at the recruitment and selection phase. Candidates are selected to undergo training but the recruitment is only finalized once the candidates have successfully completed the induction training as already discussed.

The induction process has been specifically designed to provide our officers with skill sets that we have identified through our extensive operational experience and with direct input from our clients. It is important to note that our training programs are flexible and we will adapt this to the needs of our clients.



This is applied generally when we prepare for a new contract or it can be standardized to suit specific market segments such as retail, corporate or residential estates:

  • Site Specific Procedures Manual
  • Site Specific Rules and Regulations
  • Site Specific Systems
  • Emergency Procedures

This phase is characterised by direct involvement with site systems. Candidates are often sent for site orientation or safety inductions on site. Depending on the size of the contract this may take from two to five days


This is applied generally when there is a need for further specialist training which may include the following:

  • Firearm Training
  • Driver Training
  • Supervisors Training – Basic Command and Control
  • Control Room and CCTV operator Training.


Ukhuselo Training Academy and Security practices a quality management system which requires each individual security officer to be continually assessed in terms of performance. Our officers qualify for a monthly performance and attendance bonus which differentiate our remuneration packages above industry standards. The performance assessments are analysied on a monthly and yearly basis and officers who do not meet the required standards are sent for corrective training.

Continuous onsite training pertaining to site procedures is conducted on a daily, weekly and monthly basis and management have the resource capability of requesting the assistance of a registered instructor from our training center. This On-the Job training is recorded and signed off by the candidates and recorded in the monthly report sent to our clients.

Refresher training on site may include the following:

  • Safety Awareness Training
  • New Site procedures
  • Revision of existing procedures